Bright Beginnings

Infants and toddlers receive special services individualized to assist them in their development. Special services can provide your child with every opportunity to reach their potential.

Rainbows United, Inc. Bright Beginnings offers 16 early intervention services, depending on your specific needs, at no cost to families.
• Assistive technology 
• Family service coordination
• Speech therapy 
• Medical services
• Audiology 
• Social work
• Physical therapy 
• Nursing services
• Family training 
• Transportation
• Psychological services 
• Occupational therapy
• Health services 
• Vision services

Developmental Screenings
Do you have concerns about your child’s development or behaviors? Bright Beginnings offers developmental screenings for infants and toddlers. The purpose of a screening is to help parents identify potential learning problems and to obtain information regarding available resources. If your child has difficulty walking, talking, seeing, hearing, or learning, contact us to find out how you can obtain a screening for your child.

Eligibility Evaluations
A team of early interventionists will conduct an evaluation to determine if your child is eligible to receive Part C Services through Rainbows United, Inc. Bright Beginnings. If your child is eligible, a primary coach will be assigned to meet with you and your child at your home. This service is free of charge.

To receive a free developmental screening for your child, contact:
Susan Harsh, LMSW
Bright Beginnings: Butler County Infant Toddler Services
Office: 316.320.1342
Cell: 316.258.9017

Luann McFadden, LSCSW
Family Service Coordinator
Office: 316.320.1342
Cell: 316.323.4196

In collaboration with
The Butler County Child and Family Development Task Force, with community support, ensure quality, available, and affordable childcare, early childhood education, children's health services and family support for all children in Butler County.
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