Problematic Child Behavior

Does your child display inappropriate behaviors? Does she bite or hit other children? Does he have meltdowns that don’t seem to stop? Do you feel like you need help to improve your child’s behavior?

Perhaps you have tried several ways to discipline your child, but nothing seems to work. Are you frustrated?

Maybe Smart Start can help!

Smart Start employs staff members who specialize in working with young children who display inappropriate behaviors and need intervention. These staff members will come to your home or child care and conduct a behavior screening and assessment on your child. Once they have completed a screening and talked with you about your concerns, they can work with you, your child, and your child care worker to develop a plan of action!

These Mental Health Specialists are available for free through our Smart Start and Early Childhood Block Grants. At no charge to you, you can receive the support you need to help your kiddo handle anger, sadness, fear, anxiety, and stress in appropriate ways.

We are here to help!

For more information on your child’s development or support in determining an age appropriate discipline structure for your child, please call 316.320.1342 and talk to Jill to arrange for one of our Mental Health Specialists to contact you.

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