Incredible Years Parent Trainings
Incredible Years Parent Training Series


The short-term goals of the series are to:
1. Strengthen children's social skills and appropriate play skills (turn taking, waiting, asking, sharing, helping, complimenting).
2. Promote children's use of self-control strategies such as effective problem solving steps
3. Increase emotional awareness by labeling feelings, recognizing the differing views of oneself and others and enhancing perspective taking.
4. Boost academic success, reading and school readiness.
5. Reduce defiance, aggressive behavior, and related conduct problems such as noncompliance, peer aggression and rejection, bullying, stealing and lying.
6. Decrease children's negative cognitive attributions and conflict management approaches.
7. Increase self-esteem and self-confidence.

Promote parent competencies and strengthen families:
1. Increase positive and nurturing parenting.
2. Reduce critical and violent discipline approaches by replacing spanking with positive strategies such as ignoring, using logical and natural consequences, redirecting, adequate monitoring, and problem-solving.
3. Improve parents' problem-solving skills, anger management, and communication skills.
4. Increase family support networks and school involvement.
5. Help parents and teachers work collaboratively to ensure consistency across settings.
6. Increase parents' involvement in children's academic-related activities at home.

(This information was taken from, the official sight of The Incredible Years.)

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